I grew up as a tour guide in the Amazon, Venezuela and this sparked my interest in photography. I would watch photographers during our tours staging pictures of my everyday surroundings of caves, plants, and wildlife. A few years later, I moved to Texas. I got married, then came the kids, hobbies, and all little stresses and joy that comes with life. After the dust was settle, I began to look for a night time hobby. I started doing still life Photography when the family went to bed early. Portraiture came later when my kids were around the house and cooperating with the Photographer. Taking images of my kids really brought up my passion for portraiture.

 I use off camera flash in most of my model's sessions but available light brings out the softness and character of the subject, so I mix the two. I truly enjoy the reaction of my customers when they get the final product. As a father of two, husband of one and friend of thousands, I know how I would like our memories to be recorded. Kids and events happen too fast and they happen in such of hurry that we don't remeber to record our stages in life. That is what I look for. The correct way to record our memories.

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