Polaroid Cube First Day Review

I got this little camera for the size and cuteness of the thing. Yes, there are much better cameras in the market but for $99 this took my money.
The camera it’s pretty simple. Press once to take a picture. Press twice to start recording. Then press one more time the top button to stop it.

Pictures - The images are a decent 6MP Still Photos. These have to be taken with enough light and firm hand to get the best out of it. Most of the ones I took today were blurred. Yes, I need to get more experience taking stills with this little cube but it works so far.

Video - This little cube Records HD 1080p/720p video with sound. On this post is one of the first videos I took with this cube. Well, actually my neighbor took it down for a small bike ride in the Cul-De-Sac. This sample is 1080p.

How is the video? The view angle is good. You get to see a lot of the area in front and side of the camera. Sound seems a bit low but I must play with it a bit more to get a better opinion. The quality seems to be great at 1080P. This is the setting I recorded this at.

Note: If you get the camera without the MicroSD card and attempt to plug it in to the PC it won’t find it. You have to have the card inside the camera for the PC to read the camera.
Would I buy it again? Yes, with one day of use I can see I can come up with a lot of different ideas how to use it. Plus the kids seem to enjoy it a lot.

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